Understanding Patient Needs

Once we know what patients genuinely want, we can utilize those insights to create strategies that lead to solutions for patients and industry partners.

Understanding Patient Needs

Understanding patient needs allows us to devise strategies for solutions benefiting both patients and industry partners.

Clinical Solutions

Through building authentic relationships with patient communities and advocacy organizations, our team learns what different patient populations want and need from prospective clinical trials.

Discover insights to inform trial protocol

Create patient educational materials

Foster grassroots engagement

Develop clinical trial web pages

Establish patient advisory councils

Manage social media and influencer engagement

Commercial Solutions

Our advocacy-focused strategies put patients at the forefront of commercialization infrastructures to execute a targeted plan centered around patients’ unmet medical needs.

Generating patient-led FDA engagement

Organize patient-led value assessment (ICER)

Co-hosting programs with PAGs

Creating initiatives for public access policy reform

Direct-to-consumer education

Payer engagement and education

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