Putting Patients at the Heart of Innovation

We deliver bold, compliant, and meaningful solutions at the nexus of patient advocacy and life science innovation.

Putting Patients at the Heart of Innovation

We deliver bold, compliant, and meaningful solutions at the nexus of patient advocacy and life science innovation.‍

Invaluable patient partnerships.
Impactful clinical trials.

Harmonize your drug development efforts with real-time patient insights. Collaboration with disease communities at every stage of development integrates real-world value, to inform trial design, patient recruitment, and retention. An engaged patient community who informs your clinical efforts from the outset will be your most loyal army of champions when you need them most to amplify data readouts, engage in regulatory activity and beyond.

With decades of industry and personal, lived patient advocacy experience, we efficiently operationalize your patient engagement efforts at every stage of the drug development continuum to maximize the value you create for patients.

Rare disease expertise built from rare patient relationships.

Impact of a patient engagement activity

Increase in Net Present Value (NPV)
Increase in E Net Present Value (ENPV)
Potential increase in investment

For a pre-phase 2 project, the cumulative impact of a patient engagement activity that avoids one protocol amendment and improves enrollment, adherence, and retention is an increase in net present value (NPV) of $62MM ($65MM for pre-phase 3) and an increase in ENPV of $35MM ($75MM for pre-phase 3). Compared with an investment of $100,000 in patient engagement, the NPV and ENPV increases can exceed 500-fold the investment.

Source: Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science 2018, Vol. 52(2) 220-229 ª The Author(s) 2017 Reprints and permission: link DOI: 10.1177/2168479017716715 link


Embolden your commercial and clinical strategies by putting patients first!

Clinical Solutions

Through building authentic relationships with patient communities and advocacy organizations, our team learns what different patient populations want and need from prospective clinical trials. This invaluable information can directly support protocol development, patient-facing materials, trial accessibility considerations, and patient support to accelerate enrollment and enhance study retention.

Commercial Solutions

Our advocacy-focused strategies put patients at the forefront of commercialization infrastructures to execute a targeted plan centered around patients’ unmet medical needs. PAS fuels your commercialization and brand planning initiatives to engage the true end consumer of your product, ensuring messages, tactics, and metrics that are validated by the patients you serve.

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Delivering for Our Clients

Through collaboration with underserved patient communities, we’ve been able to impact favorable public policy, develop first-of-kind non-profits for rare diseases, and impactfully support clinical trials.

PAS has delivered innovative and value-added work on behalf of leading life science clients and healthcare professionals for years, and we’d be honored to help your organization do the same.

Client Feedback

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